Our VISION Our shared vision of the young women educated at Beverly Hills Girls High is that they will:

  • Have developed a lifelong appreciation of and commitment to learning;
  • Have respect for themselves and others, be confident and self-motivated and be able to communicate effectively;
  • Be socially responsible and actively participate in strengthening and preserving our democratic community; and
  •  Meet the future filled with hope.

Our PURPOSE To uphold and foster the belief that WOMEN CAN DO ANYTHING, our school community is committed to: A comprehensive, responsive and dynamic curriculum which is challenging and appropriate for the developmental needs of each student;

  •   A caring environment that encourages motivation, self-discipline and confidence through individual and cooperative endeavours;
  •  Professional growth of staff to respond effectively to the challenges of education in the 21st Century;
  • Partnerships in learning with the parents/caregivers of our students and key community stakeholders; and
  •  Effective and efficient school management that ensures equitable access to appropriate programs, resources and opportunities for all students.


  • All students have a right to a quality education.
  • Education impacts upon a student’s life directions, choices, opportunities and outcomes – learning is a lifelong endeavour.
  • Relative to their individual talents and abilities, every child can learn and succeed.


  • Respect for all in our society.
  • Responsibility for our actions, our performance and our development.
  • Honesty and integrity in our conduct and interactions with others
  • A fair go for all.
  •  Excellence and striving for one’s personal best.
  • Care for and compassion, tolerance and cooperation with all in our community.

Our teachers maximise STUDENT ENGAGEMENT in learning by:

  •  Maintaining an inclusive, supportive and nurturing learning environment;
  •  Knowing each student as an individual and valuing their efforts as learners;
  •  Modelling hard work, commitment and the pursuit of excellence;
  • Committing to personal professional learning goals that develop their understanding of strategies, approaches and resources that promote student learning in the 21st century;
  •  Modelling ethical and professional interactions with colleagues to enhance student understanding of cooperation, team work and appropriate conduct in learning;
  •  Building trust and confidence of students by making clear the expected learning outcomes for each lesson or unit of study;
  •  Encouraging student self-reflection on their learning progress and supporting them to improve; and
  • Explicitly linking school-based learning to real-life contexts or issues that are relevant to the development of our students as global citizens.