How to enrol your daughter at Beverly Hills Girls High School

Enrolments are done regularly throughout the year where places are available.

You may download the Expression of Interest for Placement form. This form is also available in person from the school office.

Complete the form and either:

  •        Hand it in at the school office
  •        Mail it to the school [Beverly Hills Girls High School Locked Bag 3 P.O. Beverly Hills NSW Australia 2209] or
  •        Send as an attachment by email to

With your expression of interest you will need to provide:

  •        3 proofs of address [NOT including driver’s licence]
  •        A proof of identity [eg. Passport]
  •        School reports for at least the previous year.

Any other document to support your application eg awards, certificates.

Expressions of Interest which are not completed on each page and which do not have attached the abovementioned items regarding address, identity, reports and any other relevant documents will not be considered as the school cannot make deliberations based on incomplete or unverified information. Your previous school will be contacted.

Click here to download the Expression of Interest form in English

Expression of Interest in Arabic

Expression of Interest in Bengali

Expression of interest in Chinese

Expression of Interest in Vietnamese

Other Language translations can be downloaded from the website:
Link to Department of Education Translations for Expression of Interest to Enrol in a Government School.

Once your Expression of Interest is received and considered you will be contacted to advise on the outcome thus far. An interview at the school with the student accompanied by the parent is required to assist the school in making a determination on any possible enrolment. The sighting of original documents proving address and identity MUST be made by the school before any enrolment can take place.