Beverly Hills Girls High School is committed to the wellbeing of every student in our care.

We adopt a coordinated and holistic approach in supporting our students to make the most of their opportunities as learners and as young women. Student wellbeing is an important consideration on a range of levels at our school including curriculum and extra-curricular offerings, school – home communication, student health and safety and appropriate recognition of effort and achievement through the merit award system.

Our Student Welfare Team, led by Mrs Savva (Head Teacher Welfare) and comprised of Student Advisers, Assistant Student Advisers, Senior Executive, School Counsellor and Careers Adviser, meet fortnightly to discuss emerging issues that impact of the lives of our students and to plan and build capacity of the Team to deliver timely, informed support for students. Student Advisers and Assistant Student Advisers are the first point of contact for parents and carers when concerns arise for the health, safety or learning needs of their children.

We encourage parents/carers to keep our student welfare staff informed of any issue that may impact on their child’s learning. We ensure any information is taken in confidence and will be used only to inform relevant staff or assist in planning appropriate action. In particular, we appreciate the support of parents in ensuring diagnosed medical issues with students are made known to the school such that we can develop and maintain accurate Individual Health Care plans and respond appropriately when the need arises.

Key Student Welfare personnel in 2019 are:

Year Student Advisor 1 Student Advisor 2
7 Ms Ligman Ms Zariadis
8 Ms Papas Ms Bambas
9 Mr Sharma Ms Brooks
10 Ms Rahal Ms Petkovska
11 Ms Byrnes Mr Mills
12 Ms Nelson Ms Zissis